Nothing Planned. I am on hiatus from playing live.  Contact me to try change my mind.


29/04/17: Cirque, Manchester UK
20/02/16: MIFIFTYFEST, The Parish, Huddersfield UK
25/08/13: INFEST, Bradford UK [23-25/08/13]
14/04/12: Live Wire Lounge, Chicago USA
11/02/12: Slimelight, London UK
03/06/11: Krudttonden, Copenhagen, DENMARK
20/11/10: Slimelight, London UK
21/05/10: WAVE GOTIK TREFFEN [21-24/05/10], Leipzig GERMANY
03/04/10: Slimelight, London UK
27/02/09: STAKANOVISMO08 BTN3, Kollatino Underground, Rome, ITALY
09/01/09: MORTALED 5, The Library, Woodhouse Lane, Leeds UK
30/12/08: NASTY NOISE DISCO - The Ark, Edinburgh, Scotland UK
17/07/08: DAS BOOT FESTIVAL , The Prequel, MS Stubnitz, Copenhagen, DENMARK
21/03/08: Tech Noir, Legends, Newcastle Upon Tyne UK
18/01/08: The Chapel Venue, Huddersfield UK
21/09/07: Tech Noir, Legends, Newcastle Upon Tyne UK
02/06/07: Slimelight, London UK
26/04/07: Cathouse, Glasgow, Scotland UK
07/01/07: RESONANCE @ Subculture, Leeds UK
02/12/06: Le Korrigan, Luynes, FRANCE
27/08/06: INFEST, Bradford UK [25-27/08/06]
08/07/06: Slimelight, London UK
25/03/06: COMA 3 FESTIVAL [24-26/03/06] Montreal CANADA
21/01/06: OSCILLATED FEST, The Cotton Club, Dundee, Scotland, UK
30/12/05: Legends, Manchester UK
24/11/05: TERMITE FEST [24-27/11/05] Leeds UK
24/09/05: Slimelight, London UK
13/08/05: PROVIDENCE NOISE FEST IV [12-14/08/05], Rhode Island USA
29/04/05: DARK CITY [29/04-01/05/05] , Edinburgh, Scotland UK
11/03/05: CONCUSSION, Leeds UK

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